Auto Accident Re-Injuries…More Common Than People May Think

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Many times after an automobile accident you may “think” you feel fine due to the rush of endorphins that your body generates after a traumatic experience, much like a linebacker or point guard at the height of their game. A super blast of adrenaline mixed with powerful pain deadening endorphins will often have you walking away from a fairly serious accident believing you weren’t injured. Then within days or in some cases weeks, you begin to have physical problems all related back to that event.


Hopefully, as a precaution right after the accident you allowed the EMTs to check you out and then followed up with your regular physician. Even if there are no visible injuries, your Doctor still needs to be consulted. His or her professional expertise can determine if you were injured and/or if you are at risk of possible future complications. In many cases if you delay contacting your physician, it may be more difficult if not impossible to file a legitimate claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Tremendous force is generated when a car collides with another vehicle even at a low rate of speed. Then when hit by another car traveling at a faster pace, even when all passengers are wearing seatbelts, it’s easy to see how that momentum can cause muscle, tendon and ligament injuries along with even possible brain concussions and internal bleeding.

Commonly called “soft tissue injuries,” muscle, tendon and ligament trauma can reoccur weeks or even months after the accident. The initial method of diagnosis is generally achieved through a thorough physical examination coupled with obvious visible swelling and the particulars of the crash. For example, did the airbag deploy? Were you injured by the seat belt? Did you hit the steering wheel or windshield? X-rays normally aren’t helpful in determining these types of injuries.

Brain injuries or concussions also may not be immediately detected. Some of the indicators are obvious while others can be more subtle and may mimic symptoms caused by the stress and trauma of the accident itself.

Because it is common for these types of injuries to reoccur, it is vital you receive medical care immediately after the accident. This ensures proper documentation is on file if the same or new symptoms arise. It is also imperative you contact Dan Pruitt Law Firm before you sign any paperwork or agree to any settlement. Often, settlement documents have hidden deep within paragraph after paragraph of legalese, clauses which relinquish any future claims you may have against the insurance company. By signing these documents without first consulting with one of our legal professionals means you generally are waiving your legal right to any further compensation no matter what the circumstances.

Then what are your legal rights if your medical team determines the injuries you sustained are going to cause frequent reoccurring physical problems or if they go so far as to leave you permanently disabled? Unfortunately both these scenarios happen more frequently than people realize and in addition to physical limitations can also cause mental and emotional anguish which can affect your long-term quality of life.

Dan Pruitt and his legal team will handle your case with the care and consideration it so richly deserves. They will ensure you are treated with respect and dignity and work diligently to pursue your case so that your legal and financial needs are never compromised. Please reach out to us today at 864-232-4273.

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