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Personal Injury

Being injured by someone else’s negligence can be a scary experience. You may have missed work, your medical bills are likely piling up, and the uncertainty personal injury victims face can be daunting. That’s why it is always in your best interest to contact a Greenville personal injury lawyer to assist you in navigating the personal injury claims process, and provide answers to your questions. The personal injury lawyers at Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm will provide you clear insight into the legal system so you understand your rights after an injury.

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Car Accidents

Have you been involved in an auto accident? Don’t let insurance companies give you less than you deserve for your injuries and automobile damages. Get legal help from a Carolinas auto accident lawyer. We know what it takes to navigate the legal system and negotiate with insurance companies to get Carolina car accident and personal injury victims like you the money they deserve for their injuries and damages. Let us help ease the struggles you’re facing as a result of someone else’s negligence. Find more information about South Carolina and Greenville car accidents by visiting our Car Accident page.

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Serious trauma may cause an injury to the brain or spinal cord.  This type of injury may be catastrophic for the injured person and his or her family.  An impact can cause bruising and swelling of the brain, and, in some cases, the impact will be significant enough to tear blood vessels in the brain, causing intracranial bleeding  In addition, trauma could cause injury to the spinal cord resulting in partial or complete paralysis.

Drug Injury

Drug companies sometimes cut corners in the development and research of medications.  The corporation may rush a promising drug to market in order to begin to earn profit from it in a way that does not fully examine the risks to patients.  In addition, companies may market the drug for additional uses which have not been evaluated.  Serious injury or death may result.  The Dan Pruitt Law firm can investigate the drug company to determine whether a dangerous drug caused personal injury or death to your loved one and then seek justice if the facts support liability.

Defective Products

Every year thousands of products are found to be defective or unsafe and must be recalled by either the manufacturer or a government agency. The reasons necessitating a recall can result from a flaw in the product’s design, a manufacturing mistake, contamination of foods and/or materials used in the product, or an unseen risk which presents itself after the product has been on the market for months or even years. The Dan Pruitt Law Firm will help you through the complicated legal process and fight to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

When a Nursing Home is licensed, the nursing home corporation makes a promise to the state and to future residents to provide proper care.  Often, however, the nursing home fails to hire adequate staffing, to train their staff, or to supervise their staff.  The result is serious injury or death.  Signs and symptoms of neglect and abuse may include pressure sores, medication errors, medication overdose, broken bones, multiple falls, malnutrition, dehydration, and unexplained death. Dan Pruitt Law Firm holds nursing homes responsible for neglect and abuse. For more information about South Carolina nursing home abuse and neglect, visit our Nursing Home Neglect page.

Motorcycle Accidents

Cruising down the Carolina highways with nothing but the open road and distant mountain range before you—this is the beauty of riding a motorcycle on Carolina’s roads, highways, and interstates. Sadly, this beauty can sometimes be hindered by the dangers of a tragic accident with other vehicles. If you’ve been injured in a Carolina motorcycle accident caused by another driver’s negligence, let the Dan Pruitt Law Firm help you get the compensation allowed by law for your injuries and suffering.

Premises Liability

Premises liability cases involve injuries received while on someone else’s property. Property owners and businesses have a duty to maintain a safe property for customers, pedestrians, and other visitors and effectively warn them of possible dangers.  When a visitor to a property suffers a preventable injury, the law of premises liability determines the responsibility of the property owner or manager; the law applies both to residences and places of business. If the landowner failed to follow the rules and was negligent, then the Dan Pruitt Law Firm can seek justice for those injured and harmed by this neglect.

Social Security Disability

After investing years of hard work and dedication into your job, you’ve been denied Social Security Disability benefits for an injury that keeps you from returning to work. The Carolinas Social Security Disability claim lawyer Dan Pruitt understands your situation and wants to help you through this trying time. If your claim has been denied, let Dan Pruitt Law Firm appeal for you.

Truck Accidents

Driving down a Carolina highway next to a large semi-truck can be intimidating. While there are extensive laws and regulations requiring these big rigs to be safe on the highways, so often negligent drivers and companies ignore the rules and endanger other motorists sharing the roadways.  When a big rig crashes into a passenger car, the injuries can be fatal or catastrophic.  Let Dan Pruitt Personal Injury Law Firm stand up for your rights.  Act now before important evidence is lost. Let us work for you!

Workers’ Compensation

Workplace hazards often represent serious danger to employees.  Serious and disabling injury may result.  The medical bills are piling up and the insurance company is not providing you the medical attention you need.  Further, you may be totally disabled. Please consult the Personal Injury Law firm of Dan Pruitt.  Give us a chance to get your legal issues resolved and your life back on track.

Wrongful Death

Serious negligence often results in injuries which are fatal.  When a loved one is taken unexpectedly, under preventable circumstances, the sense of grief is only compounded by frustration and anger toward the negligent party that is responsible for the wrongful death. The lawyers and staff of Dan Pruitt Law Firm work with compassion, confidentiality, and diligence to help you through this terrible time. While we can’t undo the harm that’s been done, we can help you seek justice for your family and to prevent this type of neglect from happening again.

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