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Uber has changed many things about the way that South Carolinians use transportation. In many ways, it has given people far more conveniences and many additional options. However, most of all, the Uber rideshare system has been good for Uber. The company makes consistent and steady money while drivers earn low salaries for grueling hours, and passengers are put at risk from tired and inexperienced drivers.

Stressed Uber Drivers Making Little Are a Danger

The average Uber driver struggles to make a living wage. According to, Uber drivers in South Carolina make far below the national average. Their situation is not helped by rising gas prices that cut into their take-home pay. Drivers who are struggling to earn a living increase the danger for their passengers and other drivers on the road. For example:

  • They may work longer hours to try to make ends meet, leading to increased fatigue.
  • They can work their hours around when then there is the highest demand, meaning they are driving late at night or at the height of rush hour.
  • Drivers may operate their vehicles more dangerously, so they can maximize their time and fares.

In general, the safety situation for Uber passengers and other drivers is deteriorating. Uber is just like every other company in the United States these days. They are struggling to find enough drivers to provide service to the public. Many prospective drivers realize that they can make more money with less stress through other gig jobs like food delivery. As a result, the company has a less experienced group of drivers.

Uber is supposed to perform a number of safety checks on drivers before they are allowed to carry passengers. However, the company has also been known to cut corners in their safety checks and might be even more tempted to do so with their current driver shortage. Uber drivers practically come in off the street and can transport passengers almost immediately with minimal training. Uber seems to care more about drivers knowing how to use the app than anything else.

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How Uber Drivers Cause Accidents

Uber drivers can cause a number of different types of accidents, including:

  • Distracted driving accidents because drivers are looking at the app to find ride requests instead of keeping their eyes on the road
  • Speeding crashes because drivers are hurrying to pick up a passenger, afraid for their rating if they are late
  • Fatigued driving accidents because drivers are working late at night or after having worked a full shift at another job
  • Careless driving because Uber drivers are not used to conducting a passenger business and may have to execute sudden maneuvers to pick up passengers or get them where they want to stop

There are two different types of injured people who can file a claim against an Uber driver:

  • The passenger in the Uber car
  • A driver of a car who was injured in a crash with an Uber vehicle

Uber Works With Insurance Companies and Protects Itself

Notice that we just said that the claim was filed against the Uber driver. One of the ways that Uber looks out for itself more than its passengers or drivers is by classifying all its drivers as independent contractors. Uber classifies its drivers in this way to both not pay certain benefits that employees will receive and to protect itself from legal liability for drivers’ crashes.

To be clear, injured people do have some means of legal recourse, but it is not against the deep pockets of Uber (the company with a market capitalization of over $60 billion). There is insurance coverage in place. Uber works with the following insurance companies:

  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • CSAA
  • Erie
  • State Farm
  • USAA

While Uber works with different insurance companies, you can count on the fact that they will all operate the same way. They do not want to pay you what you deserve for your injuries because they are trying to keep as much money as they can from the premiums that Uber pays them.

The Levels of Uber Accident Coverage

There are three different levels of coverage and rules for Uber accidents:

  • The most coverage is when the driver has either accepted a ride request or has the customer in the car. Then, there is $1 million of coverage per accident (not per claimant, so if more than one person is filing a claim, they are all after the same policy).
  • If the driver has the app on but not ride request accepted, there is the following coverage – $50,000 in bodily injury per person, $100,000 in bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 in property damage per accident.
  • When the app is off, the driver’s personal coverage applies.

Drivers have the option of purchasing additional insurance because their own assets can be at risk if the insurance coverage is insufficient to pay for the damages that they have caused.

Your lawyer will need to be tenacious. Just because coverage is available does not mean that the insurance company will want to write the check. Most likely, you will need to negotiate intensively for every dollar that you receive. If the settlement offer is inadequate, you may file a lawsuit.

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How long will it take for my Uber claim to settle?

It depends on a number of factors, but much is controlled by the insurance company and whether it is being reasonable.

How much is my Uber claim worth?

It all depends on the extent of your own injuries.

How do I win an Uber case?

You must prove that someone was negligent and caused your injuries.

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