How Long Does It Take To Settle A Car Accident Claim?

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Filing a claim for compensation for damages is the first step in a long process that typically leads to a settlement agreement. Injured victims often want to know how long it will take for an automobile accident claim to settle. Every case is different, but the average settlement time for motor vehicle accident cases is usually three months to several years.

Some motor vehicle accident cases may be settled in a few months. In other cases, the facts are complicated, and many individuals have to work behind the scenes to determine what actually caused the accident. A personal injury attorney can help you settle your claim by assessing the facts of your case, negotiating with claims adjusters, and trying to settle your case as quickly as possible.

Submit Your Medical Documentation

A personal injury attorney must obtain all of your medical records and medical bills so he or she can determine your approximate damages. The damages amount will be the starting point for settlement negotiations. An attorney will file a statement of damages, and this filing must contain precise calculations that are substantiated by documentary records.

Medical records also prove your injuries and any surgeries you may need. You must substantiate your injury claims with medical records signed by a licensed physician.

Factors That Contribute To Settlement

Factors that will affect how soon your automobile accident is resolved include the following:

● The amount of settlement negotiation involved
● The time it takes for the insurance company to respond to your claim
● The evidence you produce substantiating your damages
● The extent of your injuries
● Whether or not the insurance company contests liability

Insurance Companies Can Take A Long Time To Respond

Insurance companies may take a long time to respond to claims. These circumstances will make the case last longer, and insurance companies often use delay tactics to discourage plaintiffs. If you claim significant damages, the insurance company may take additional time investigating every detail of damages and liability.

When to Negotiate and When to File a Lawsuit

You have to decide how to proceed once an insurance company makes you an offer to settle the claim or denies your claim. You can choose one of the following options:

● Reject the offer and file a civil lawsuit
● Reject the offer and negotiate for a greater settlement amount
● Appeal a claim denial
● Accept a claim offer

Accepting a claim offer will promote the quickest settlement. But you do not want to accept a low settlement offer. If you begin to negotiate, the process will continue for weeks and perhaps months. In the event that you file a civil lawsuit, it will take at least several months for your case to conclude.

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What Documents Are Needed?

Police reports, medical care invoices, witness information and statements, insurance documents, documents that prove expenses related to elements you paid for as part of your recovery, and other papers that help support your claims should be provided to your attorney.

What Is Negligent Behavior?

When someone engages in negligent behavior, he or she acts in a risky manner that puts the safety of others at risk. A company may be negligent if products they sell do not perform as warranted or those items fail in use, causing harm. When a person neglects their duty of care, and the result is harmful, they are responsible for the effects related to their actions.

Will My Case Be Litigated In Court?

Most Personal Injury lawsuits are resolved in a settlement prior to court. Court cases take much longer, and your recovery could be much higher, especially if a jury awards punitive damages. If you do not accept the settlement, your attorney will represent you in court.

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