COVID-19 Pushes Nursing Home Staff To The Limit, Are They Providing Proper Care?

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By now, we realize that COVID-19 is incredibly dangerous for specific segments of the population, particularly those who reside in nursing homes. Some of the worst outbreaks in the country have happened in nursing home environments. In South Carolina, COVID-19 deaths account for one-third of the entire state’s virus toll. As this pandemic pushes nursing home workers to their limits, and due to family visitation being halted, what steps can you take to ensure that your loved one is being cared for properly in a nursing home? 

Understaffing is a major safety problem for nursing home residents

A major concern that many families have in South Carolina right now is that their loved ones may not be properly cared for during this ongoing pandemic. In some cases, nursing home staffing numbers have been reduced. This can have serious consequences on residents, and family members currently have no way to conduct in-person visits to check on the condition of their loved one. 

Even the best nursing homes can suffer from a decline in patient care if they do not have enough staff to take care of the residents. While the risk of intentional abuse may not increase, it is the unintentional neglect of nursing home residents that should be worrying about family members. An under-staffed facility can exasperate the prevalence of:

  • pressure ulcers (bedsores)
  • medication mistakes (wrong dosage, wrong medication, not giving medication at all)
  • malnutrition 
  • dehydration 
  • patients being dropped leading to significant fractures 

Nursing home under-staffing should always be a concern of family members. During the ongoing pandemic, we encourage family members to use other means to connect with their loved ones, including phone calls and video conferencing on a regular basis, if possible. 

Our nursing home abuse lawyers are here to help

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