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You have probably seen the commercials several times. The ones about “bad drugs” and how they were meant to help some condition but had harmful side effects that could hurt you or an unborn child. While the commercials are meant to scare you, the truth of the matter is that drug injuries are much more common than you would realize.

Every medication you have ever taken or will ever take has known side effects. This is a risk that many of are willing to take as long we are told in advance what the risks may be. Since these effects happen to such a slim portion of the overall population, you assume this risk. The worst side effects are often those which are unknown until you get a glimpse at long term exposure or when a greater amount of people start taking the medication. These drug injuries are not an assumed risk and therefore you have legal rights should you or someone you love become a victim of these injuries.

If you take a medication and things become much worse, you should first seek medical help to determine the exact cause. If your doctor discovers that the medication was to blame, you should then seek legal council. You have the right to take medication that won’t hurt you in ways you were not initially prepared for and pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable for placing drugs on the market with damaging side effects people were not prepared for.