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Mycobacterial Infection at GHS May Have Harmed More Than Expected

News media in Greenville are reporting that Greenville Health System has reported an outbreak of mycobacterial infection at Greenville Memorial Hospital to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  At least three people who have been diagnosed with the infection have died, according to hospital officials. At least 15 patients tested positive for the infection and it is possible that more patients will be affected.

According to some reports, the hospital system has been slow in notifying patients of their exposure to the Mycobacteria.

If you have had surgery at Greenville Hospital system during 2014 and have experienced serious infection, ask your doctor if you were exposed to this bacterial outbreak.

Patients began being exposed to the bacteria during surgery in February 2014. Because the bacteria has a 60 day incubation, some of the Greenville Hospital patients did not show signs of infection until months after their surgeries. The first recognized patient tested positive in March 2014.  The infection is very serious and life-threatening. It can result in an abscess. Treatment for patients who have been exposed will consist of several months of antibiotic therapy. The therapy may have to involve the use of intravenous drugs to combat the bacteria. Some patients will have to be hospitalized during their therapy potentially for several weeks or months.


In some cases the treating physicians will have to seek permission from the FDA for the use of investigational drugs to combat this very serious bacteria.

This is a serious outbreak of bacteriological infection at Greenville Hospital system and may cause serious injury and/or death to patients who have been exposed. Patients exposed to into bacteria who experience injury have legal rights. Under the law South Carolina patients who are injured in a hospital may receive compensation for their injuries. These legal rights provide compensation for medical bills and

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