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It’s a known fact that riding a motorcycle is several times as dangerous as driving a car. There’s little protection in case of an accident and the chance for injury or death is raised tenfold. While this is indeed true, many people love the thrill of riding and they should expect to be safe as long as they wear a helmet and take caution. The biggest problem in any accident is the fact you cannot control what others do or; do not do.

Many people do not take motorcycles into account when driving their cars. It’s easy not to see motorcycles, especially at night when all you see is a single headlight. This often makes motorcycle accidents more frequent than they need to be and these accidents are often much more debilitating and severe than automobile collisions. Motorcycles do not have airbags or ABS or many other safety features that cars have and the only thing that riders can count on is the fact that the pavement will stop their fall. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, the recovery is often much slower and much more painful.

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In the event of any type of vehicle accident, among the first things you should do is contact an attorney. Insurance companies will have their own interests at heart when determining any settlement amount and often does not include long term care expenses that will be needed to care for severe injuries. Having an attorney by your side ensures that you will get what you deserve and that the insurance companies will hold their end of the deal.

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