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You have a legitimate case and file every bit of the necessary paperwork. You then wait for months with no word on how the case is going or whether or not you will be approved. The final word from the government shocks you when you get the answer that your case was not initially approved with no reason why. You thought you did everything right, yet your case was still not approved for social security disability.

The fact is that nearly 90% of eligible applicants are not approved initially. The reason for this is simple: They do not want to approve the case and they are hoping you simply disappear and do not refile. Those who do refile wait through the same process again and again until approval is met or they give up. There is a solution however and that solution is hiring an attorney.

The numbers behind the cases are simple. Hiring an attorney can greatly increase the chance of approval in your social security disability case. While the government wants to fight each and every case they see, they would rather not see people willing to fight back and are often much more willing to approve cases submitted through an attorney.

When you file your social security disability case, do not expect that you will be approved the first time around. Even with an attorney, the success for first time filings is rare. Success on the second filing is much greater though once you get the initial results back and go over them with your attorney.