Home for the Holidays and the Unthinkable Occurs

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You grew up in Greenville, went to Wade Hampton High School and then after graduating headed just a few miles down the road to Clemson. After college you were offered your dream job and now live in the beautiful Lowcountry, but the Upstate will always be home.

While home for the holidays visiting family and friends you were out doing some last minute shopping on Woodruff Road and was rear-ended by a distracted driver. Judging by the amount of force, the police don’t believe he ever touched the brakes and your car ended up sandwiched between his and the one in front of you. In addition to your car sustaining major damage, you were also pretty banged up and now have neck and back injuries. And all this right before Christmas!

Of course no one associated with his automobile insurance agency is in much of a rush to speak with you because of the holidays. So while you probably have a rental car to tide you over, nothing much else is getting done.

The kids have to get back to school and your company expects you at your desk bright and early on Monday, January 5th, but you are still under a doctor’s care here in Greenville and aren’t sure if you can legally take the rental car back to Charleston. Plus, how and where are going to get your car repaired? While the car isn’t drivable you really don’t feel comfortable leaving it here and asking a friend or family member to deal with that responsibility.

Now keep in mind, believe it or not, but this could possibly be the best case scenario. The at-fault driver could have no insurance or be underinsured. Or your injuries could be so severe you ended up being hospitalized and now require extensive physical therapy. And then what if there were other family members in the car who were also hurt? As you can see, a moment of distraction can cause weeks, or in some cases, months of inconvenience, physical pain and possible out of pocket expenses that could take considerable time and effort to get reimbursed.

Yes, you could wait until you get back home before consulting an attorney but chances are they will be reluctant to handle your case because of the distance involved. Plus, the simple logistics of trying to coordinate everything can be daunting. That is why you should contact Dan Pruitt Law Firm as soon as possible. Dan and his experienced staff will be your liaison here in Greenville to ensure nothing is overlooked. Also, if it becomes necessary to file a civil suit against the at-fault driver, it will have to be done here in Greenville County since that’s where the accident occurred.

The last thing you want during this busy holiday season is to be involved in an automobile accident but unfortunately these things do happen. No matter where you live in South Carolina, if while visiting Greenville you are injured and your automobile damaged by an at-fault driver, then your first step should be to call 864-232-4273. Often because of the circumstances, you aren’t thinking clearly, are in pain and perhaps aren’t sure what steps you should take to ensure you are being treated fairly by the other driver’s insurance representatives. By contacting Dan Pruitt and his team for a complementary consultation, you know you’ll be in good hands no matter if you are still in Greenville or back home in some other part of the state.

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