Widow Awarded Settlement After Crash On Icy Road

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Car accidents are not uncommon in our area. While many are relatively minor, there are some accidents that cause serious injuries and fatalities. Car accidents happen in a variety of ways and are usually caused by driver errors. However, there are times when other parties contribute to a crash and should be held accountable. In Greenville, a widow was awarded a $350,000 settlement due to the actions of agencies involved in the aftermath of a separate crash her husband was there to help with. 

What happened in this incident?

The incident in question happened on Dec. 16, 2016, when a Greenville man was called to a crash scene to help one of his coworkers who was involved in the accident. Greenville police were the first to arrive at the scene of a crash in which a driver skidded off the roadway due to icy conditions. The officer told the driver he could call a coworker to pick him up. 

A coworker arrived at the crash scene and began walking up the interstate to help his colleague. That was when he was struck by another vehicle that slid on ice. The man was thrown over a concrete retaining wall and down an embankment. He died at the scene, and three others were injured. 

The man’s widow filed a lawsuit that alleged that the officer and other agencies were at fault for “allowing Clay to exit his vehicle and walk about the area of the accident when they know or should have known it was extremely dangerous and that was an area where pedestrians are prohibited.” 

The lawsuit claims the agencies failed to properly train employees to handle emergency situations. The City of Greenville agreed to pay $75,000 from Travelers Indemnity Company. The Department of Public Safety agreed to pay $50,000 and the Department of Transportation agreed to pay $225,000 through the state’s Insurance Reserve Fund. 

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