Improper Care Results in Nursing Home Fatalities

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When a nursing home is the chosen option for elderly or incapacitated individuals, one would expect quality care by attentive staff.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and vulnerable adults are susceptible to negligent, and even abusive, treatment. If your loved one has not received proper care in a nursing home, speaking with a local Greenville, SC Nursing Home Abuse attorney who focuses on nursing home abuse is advisable.

Local Problems

The summer of 2018 revealed serious problems occurring in Richland County.  A report requesting a welfare check at a residential facility due to alleged lack of appropriate medicinal administration was filed with the sheriff’s department after lab work on two of the residents suggested they were not receiving suitable medications.  Investigators found that four patients were in serious peril, and placed those patients in emergency protective custody. A fifth patient’s death is being investigated.

The facility in question was no stranger to problems.  Previous investigations during the past couple of years revealed a number of issues:

  • The temperature in some rooms was only 60.5 degrees, not the required 72-78 degrees;
  • Water in bathroom sinks measured only 50 degrees;
  • Written records, including assessments and care plans, were nonexistent for some patients;
  • Expired medications were stored alongside current medications; and
  • Unclean equipment was located in the kitchen.

Negligence with Horrendous Outcomes

In more shocking incidents, patients across South Carolina have lost their lives due to improper care in nursing homes:

  • One resident in a Greer facility went into septic shock after wounds oozed with a nasty smelling, discolored drainage.  Three days after being hospitalized, he died.
  • A gentleman experienced a number of falls, eventually dying at age 75 in a Piedmont nursing home.
  • In Greenville, a woman who refused to eat or to take her medications died.
  • One man fell within hours of moving into a nursing home in Simpsonville and died weeks after surgery.

Residents’ Rights

Nursing home residents and their representatives are guaranteed certain rights under South Carolina law.  Just a few of those rights include  the following:

  • To choose a personal physician;
  • To actively participate in planning the care and treatment required;
  • To have access to medical records;
  • To be free from physical and/or mental abuse;
  • To be treated with respect and dignity; and
  • To be guaranteed of privacy.

Violations of Standards

Nursing homes are required to provide appropriate care in a safe environment for residents.  When that does not occur, legal action may be taken to address the specific violations.  In addition to fines, civil and/or criminal penalties may be in order.  Violations are divided into three classes:

  • Class I:  Situations that present an imminent danger to residents;
  • Class II:  Situations that impact residents in a negative way;
  • Class III: Situations that are in violation of recognized best practices.

If You have Serious Concerns

In the event, your loved one is not receiving the quality of care you believe is necessary and required by law, let the experienced, aggressive, and compassionate legal team at Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm fight for justice on your behalf.  We focus specifically on nursing home abuses and will demand a just and reasonable outcome. Contact us in Greenville for a confidential consultation today.

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