Navigating Workers’ Compensation Claims for a Repetitive Work Injury

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If you experience a repetitive work injury in South Carolina, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. A repetitive strain injury is a condition you develop over time through repeated use or strain of part of your body. You may be eligible for benefits if you can prove that you are a covered employee and your work environment is the cause of your condition.

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Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) and How They Occur in the Workplace

Many people are at risk of getting a repetitive strain injury at work. This type of condition happens because of repeated use of a body part over time. Bending, lifting, twisting, or typing are examples of movements that occur repeatedly in many workplace environments.

An RSI occurs because the body gets worn down after strenuous or frequent use. For example, the cushions in someone’s knees may wear down because of how often they bend to pick up heavy boxes in a warehouse.

Factory workers, teachers, secretaries, auto mechanics, and many others may develop this condition because of their employment. For example, an auto mechanic may have tendinitis in their elbow or shoulder because they have to tighten and loosen bolts manually for their job.

Types of Repetitive Strain Injuries

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains, examples of repetitive strain injuries include carpal tunnel disease, tendonitis, shin splints, and tennis elbow. Carpal tunnel is where the nerve in the wrist becomes compressed or overworked. For example, someone may type every day or do monotonous and repetitive tasks involving their hands or fingers.

Tendinitis involves inflammation of the tendons, which are tissues that connect muscle and bone. Someone may develop tendinitis because of a traumatic event or because of overuse of a joint over time. For example, someone who unloads trucks for a living may develop tendinitis because they have to bend and lift items so often for their job.

Common Causes of RSIs at Work

A number of repetitive movements at work can lead to injuries, like tendinitis and carpal tunnel.

For example, a musician may get carpal tunnel or another type of repetitive strain injury because they repeat the same motion — such as strumming a guitar or playing a piano — so frequently each day. Likewise, a factory worker may hurt their lower back from twisting their body to grab something each day.

Overview of Workers’ Compensation Laws in South Carolina

The South Carolina workers’ compensation system is there to help support injured workers by providing them with benefits when they get hurt on the job. Workers’ compensation is an insurance your employer carries as part of doing business in this state. In some situations, an employer may self-insure rather than get a traditional workers’ comp insurance policy.

Payment of your medical Expenses

Under South Carolina law, your employer may have to pay for medical care to treat or cure your condition due to a repetitive work injury. You may have to get prior approval from your employer or their provider before you see a doctor in order for it to be covered.

If you decline medical treatment by an employer-provided physician, you may lose out on your chance to have your care paid for. Before you reject anything you get from your employer, it may be a good idea to talk to a seasoned workers’ comp lawyer to make sure you understand your options.

Wage replacement benefits

If the injury keeps the worker from earning any or at least the same amount they did prior to the incident, the worker may qualify for wage replacement benefits. They might continue to get these payments until they are able to return to work at full capacity again.

How much they receive and for how long depends on the type of injury they have and how much it impacts their ability to function. For example, someone with a total disability may receive 66 and two-thirds of their average pre-injury wages for up to 500 weeks — unless an exception applies.

Documentation for a Repetitive Strain Injury at Work

You may qualify for workers’ comp for a repetitive strain injury; however, you need to be able to prove that your condition stems from your job environment. You may accomplish this by taking pictures of the equipment you use each day that might contribute to your body’s deterioration.

Another important piece of evidence might be your job description and an explanation of what a normal workday looks like for you. You can also use statements from your doctor that connect your working environment to what they are seeing happen in your body.

Benefits of Collaborating With an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Experiencing a work injury can be challenging, forcing you to step away from a job you love or that pays the bills. The workers’ comp system may entitle you to fault-free benefits — meaning you can receive them without proving fault. But, you may find it difficult to sort through the potential administrative roadblocks you may experience along the way while also trying to manage your health and daily obligations.

A seasoned lawyer can take on the legal lifting so you can focus on the healing process. For example, they can file the necessary claims documents with your employer and the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Additionally, they can request and review medical records that can help you support your demand for benefits.

Call Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm for Help Getting Workers’ Comp for an RSI

When you are hurt because of the good work you put in at your job, you deserve payments for your medical expenses and lost wages. By filing a South Carolina workers’ comp claim, you may be able to access much-needed funds to reimburse you for your losses. For example, you could qualify for payment of your healthcare costs as well as disability checks while you heal.

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