Prevention of Sepsis in Florence and Darlington Nursing Homes

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Has your loved one suffered from sepsis at the hands of a Florence nursing home? Sepsis is what happens when an infection is left untreated and it becomes overwhelming to the point that it enters the bloodstream. As bacteria enter into the blood, toxins are released that can make changes to the body and ultimately begin to shut down internal organs. This is very dangerous for Florence nursing home patients that suffer from sepsis. Urosepsis, sepsis caused by a urinary tract infection, and sepsis caused by bedsores are two of the most common forms of sepsis in nursing home patients.

Timely treatment of sepsis patients is vital for a full recovery to be made. Nursing homes should be able to recognize the common symptoms and notice if something is going wrong so that adequate medical care can be provided for your loved one. Symptoms of sepsis are a fever of about 101.3 F, heart rate higher than 90 beats per minute, a respiratory rate higher than 20 breaths per minute, and a probable or confirmed infection.

When infections such as urinary tract infections arise in nursing home patients, antibiotics should be prescribed and the patient should be monitored to make sure that the infection is being resolved. Sepsis happens when infections are left alone and become so overwhelming, that they reach the bloodstream. Another common cause of sepsis is bedsores, which should never happen or be left untreated if the nursing home is doing their job. Bedsores happen when the nursing home patient is not moved often enough from their bed and/or wheelchair.

Prevention of sepsis involves the prevention and treatment of the original infection. Nurses in nursing homes should be aware of how to check for common infections and alert the physician so that the patient can be treated. If the nursing home fails to treat the infection, that is when it becomes dangerous. Though symptoms may present differently for different patients, if the caretaker suspects that something is wrong, they cannot ignore it and hope that it fixes itself. Sepsis is a deadly condition and infections should be handled with the utmost care.

The failure of a nursing home to provide immediate care to a patient suffering from sepsis or an infection that could lead to sepsis can cause injury, organ failure, and even death. We handle cases like this every day and can provide experience and knowledge. If your loved one suffered from sepsis at the hands of a Darlington nursing home please call us today.


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