What You Don’t Realize About Big Rigs

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An injured tractor-trailer driver wound up in the hospital after attempting to avoid another vehicle that had made a lane change improperly along a South Carolina highway.  Although his injuries were not life-threatening, it was an alarming accident involving the loss of control of the big rig, which crossed the median, struck a barrier, and flipped over. The May 2018 accident was one of many involving these monstrous vehicles on South Carolina roadways.


Avoiding These Horrific Incidents

Drivers of big rigs face extraordinary challenges maneuvering cargo across the country. They encounter all kinds of drivers, all kinds of weather conditions, and both daytime and nighttime hours on the road.  As they trek across the country, it’s possible that their safety—and yours—could be enhanced if only motorists understood the nature of their work a little better.

  • The time required to bring several tons of machinery to a stop is longer than you might imagine. When drivers dart in front of big rigs, the possibility of a rear-end collision increases exponentially.  In some cases, the only other option is to swerve and potentially lose control of the rig. Neither option is appealing, and both have the potential to cause serious harm or even death.
  • The turning radius of these vehicles is substantially less than that of a personal vehicle.  Give them plenty of room when you see them signal a turn, particularly at intersections and on freeway ramps.
  • The blind spots for these rigs are enormous.  If you can’t see the driver, chances are he or she can’t see you. Avoid traveling next to a large truck.  Instead, stay a good distance behind, or choose a safe opportunity to pass them.
  • Avoid tailgating these vehicles.  They are often much higher from the ground than passenger vehicles, so if you run into one the chances of serious harm is significant.
  • Use extra caution around these rigs when weather conditions are perilous.  Truckers are expected to be on the move in order to make delivery deadlines, regardless of weather conditions.  Be sure to avoid a close encounter when slick roads or poor visibility could increase the chances of a collision.


What to Do if an Accident Does Occur

No one wants to be involved in a collision involving a tractor-trailer!  They are the kings of the road, to be avoided at all costs. In the event, an accident does occur that results in serious injuries or death, you can count on the experienced South Carolina Trucking Accident Attorneys at Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm to have your interests at heart.  Whether you drive the truck or are the little guy involved in the collision, we will investigate the crash and provide vigorous representation for you.  Contact us in Greenville for a free, confidential consultation today.

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