What You Need To Know About South Carolina Workers’ Comp And COVID-19

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If you are a healthcare employee or other essential worker in South Carolina that has been faithfully going to work each day during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have questions about whether you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if you contract the virus. This can be a difficult situation to understand, particularly in the midst of an unprecedented global health crisis. Many states across the country have made changes to their workers’ comp laws to address this situation. Has South Carolina?  

Will COVID-19 cases be covered by workers’ comp?

First, it is important to understand that workers’ compensation covers not only bodily injuries. It can also cover those who have been harmed due to exposure to communicable diseases at work. While it may be more difficult to successfully pursue a workers’ comp claim in these cases, South Carolina workers’ compensation laws do cover diseases contracted due to workplace exposure. 

Unfortunately, the way the laws concerning workers’ compensation are written in South Carolina makes it more difficult to prove occupational disease claims when the disease can also be contracted by the general public. While we know that essential workers face significant risks of contracting COVID-19, this is also a virus that can certainly be contracted by anyone in the state. This can make it difficult to prove when and where a person was exposed.

Because the laws in SC require workers to prove that they contracted COVID-19 due to workplace exposure, it may be necessary for anyone who contracts this virus to seek legal representation to ensure they receive all the benefits they deserve. As of this writing, the state of SC has not made it any easier for essential employees to obtain workers’ compensation benefits if they contract COVID-19. 

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