South Carolina Workers Compensation Costs of Filing Claim

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How much does it cost to file a Workers Compensation claim in South Carolina?

Workers’ Compensation claims take a toll on you, both financially and emotionally. The amount of loss suffered increases by a sustained claims process. Studies have shown claims closed within 30 days incur an average cost of $287. However, the more intricate the claim, the more expenses incurred. South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Commission does work to insure claim’s costs are low while providing the funds you needs in a timely manner, but the process is not without some hurdles.

First, you, as the injured party, must alert your employer within 90 days that you have suffered an injury. Second, you must file your claim using the Form 50 or Form 52 with the Commission within two years. There is a $25 filing fee if you would like a hearing on your claim. Your employer must report an accident within 10 days of notice on the injury. It is in your best interest to file the claim at the earliest possible date in order to minimize your costs while maximizing your benefits.

Third, while your claim is pending, your medical bills are adding up and your employer’s insurance company continues to investigate and compile evidence against your claim. Medical treatment and prescription drug costs are built into your compensation claim, but it is always best to have the most up-to-date information to receive the most compensation possible.

Help with Costs of Workers Compensation Claims in South Carolina

To assist with extra expenses during your claims process and subsequent recovery, the Commission allows for mileage reimbursement for medical trips (pharmacy, doctor’s visits, etc.) if they are greater than 10 miles, round-trip, from your home. The compensation rate is the same as the state’s mileage – approximately $0.56/mile. Having reimbursements for your costs incurred on medical visits can help, because these claims rarely go through the

Commission without any opposition.

All these procedural steps add to your claim’s timeframe. The Commission does not permit any attorneys’ fees to be collected prior to their approval by the Commission; and, in no circumstances can an attorney’s fee exceed one-third of the injured party’s claim.

The Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm help you even further with your claim costs as well. Here, we understand your need to minimize expenses in this time. This is why you will pay no fee until you receive a favorable settlement or judgment.

We try to make the claims process as easy financially as possible, so you can focus on physical and emotional recovery. Call Greenville SC Workers Compensation Lawyer Dan Pruitt today for your free consultation at 864-232-4273, or click the chat button.

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