CDL Truck Driving Safety Tips in South Carolina

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Driving a truck is much more complicated than driving a car, and there are things truck drivers are responsible for doing because of this. If the rules and regulations of the trucking industry aren’t followed by truckers, there could be disastrous consequences. Below are tips for a trucker to follow to help make the road as safe as possible for everyone:

Tip 1: Be alert

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CDL Drivers need to follow these best practices to keep everyone on the road safe.

Be aware of everything that is going on around you and make sure you have thought of some way to avoid an accident if it happens. Watch for cars who are changing lanes.

Tip 2: Check weather reports

Know the weather conditions that you might encounter on a trip. Plan for any bad weather and drive accordingly.

Tip 3: Avoid traffic

Trucks are more impacted by traffic than cars, so it is important to try and avoid it so that no accidents occur

Tip 4: Leave room in front of your truck

It is more important for a truck to have room in front of it than to be going the speed that everyone else on the road is.
It takes longer to slow a truck down than a car, so it is important to do this to avoid causing accidents

Tip 5: Change lanes as little as possible

A truck has many blind spots, and changing lanes can greatly increase the possibility of an accident

Tip 6: Slow down

Trucks can’t maneuver ramps and corners like cars can, and it is important for the safety of everyone on the road that truckers slow down and take their time to avoid flipping or causing an accident

To begin, it is very important for truck drivers to be alert. They are higher up on the road and they are more able to see what is happening in front of them, which can help them to avoid accidents that have already happened, and avoid causing accidents themselves. It is important for truck drivers to notice what the cars around them are doing to ensure that everyone is kept safe.

Weather can impact a truck greatly. If there is ice or snow, a truck is more likely to have issues with slipping; if there is rain, it is more likely for a truck to get in an accident than a car. Truck drivers should always be aware of the weather that is upcoming on their trip and plan for this weather. If weather conditions become too bad for a truck driver to safely drive, they must recognize this and pull over somewhere safe so that they are not endangering other cars.

Trucks take longer to stop completely, so truck drivers must leave an adequate amount of room in front of their vehicle so they’re able to come to a complete stop if something were to happen in front of them. This means driving a lower speed than everyone else on the road, but it is more important to be safe and not cause injury to yourself and the cars around you than to keep up with everyone on the road. It is important in traffic to make sure there is enough room because more accidents happen in traffic when all vehicles are so close together.

Trucks have so many blind spots that switching lanes are very difficult to do safely. Truck drivers should avoid switching lanes at all, and only do so when they are absolutely sure it will not cause danger for the cars around them. They should also go very slow when they are pulling onto a ramp or turning a corner because of a truck’s tendency to flip and cause an accident.

Keep an eye out for unsafe behaviors from truck drivers and be alert of your surroundings to keep yourself safe. If you or your loved one have been involved in a trucking accident, it can be scary and confusing to deal with the large trucking company, but here at the Dan Pruitt Law Firm, we will come alongside you and make the process as simple as possible. For a free consultation, please call (864) 232-4273.

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