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What To Do If You Were Involved in an Uber Accident in Greenville

There are thousands of accidents a year in South Carolina. As rideshare services become more popular, many of these accidents may occur with an Uber driver. Most people utilize a rideshare service for convenience and because it allows them the freedom to get from place to place easily without having to own a personal vehicle. Although using this type of service is handy it does not come without some perils. One of the important considerations is that Uber accidents in South Carolina are different than other accidents in several ways.

Uber Drivers are Independent Contractors

Uber generally considers drivers independent contractors. This means that drivers are not actual employees of the company. This may not matter when you are getting a typical ride, but if an accident occurs, it can be an important distinction. Drivers are required to carry their own insurance policies, but the company also provides coverage. The policy typically provides additional $1 million coverage per ride. This coverage is to be split among all those who are injured and seeking damages in one particular incident.

Uber is a Technology Company

Although everyone considers Uber a rideshare service, the company itself does not technically define itself that way. Instead, they consider themselves a technology company. As a technology provider, they may be more apt to place blame for an accident on a driver rather than fulfilling a claim. What this means to passengers who were hurt in Uber accidents in South Carolina is that the process for resolving a claim could be much more challenging and complicated than in typical accidents.

It Can Be Difficult to Reach Uber

Like many online technology companies today, it can be difficult to reach Uber by telephone. The company website does not provide a method for contact other than by email. Those who have the application on their phones may be able to get some assistance. However, the ability to talk to someone with knowledge of handling accidents is limited. This can make it difficult to discuss an accident after it has occurred. In some instances, drivers themselves may find it hard to communicate with company officials.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents

When an accident occurs with more than one vehicle, the insurance companies must determine which driver was at fault. In some instances, more than one driver may have done something to contribute to the crash. A percentage of blame is ascribed to each driver based on the facts of the accident. Then, the claim of a driver will be diminished by an amount that equates to their own culpability.

For instance, a driver involved in an accident is found to be 20% at fault. This means that the claim will be diminished by an amount equal to 20%. If the driver had a claim of $10,000, the amount would be reduced by 20% so the driver would receive only $8,000. This matters to Uber passengers because if their driver was partly at fault, the claim could be reduced. As a result, the passenger would need to make a legal claim for the remainder.

Making a Claim after an Uber Accident in Greenville

Uber drivers are supposed to carry their own insurance policies that are used when they drive their vehicles for personal use. While driving for Uber, the company insurance policy is designed to be in place. When an accident claim is actually necessary, however, a passenger could be in for a difficult time. The company may simply decline to accept responsibility for the claim and defer to the driver and his own insurance policy. The policy that the driver has in place may not adequately cover the situation.

This can make for a complicated and lengthy process that could be hard to resolve. In the meantime, an accident victim could be left with hefty medical bills and other expenses that need to be paid. If you were injured in an accident, it is best to file a claim as quickly as possible. It may be necessary to file a claim against both the Uber driver and the company. The company has a policy that should provide coverage in case there is a deficient in how much the driver’s policy will cover.

What happens if The Accident Is Not the Uber Driver’s Fault?

Only the driver or drivers who are found to be negligent are responsible for the collision. The police report and other information will help insurance representatives determine where the fault lies in a particular accident. Anyone injured or who has property damage must make a claim against the responsible driver. This can become more difficult because as a passenger you may not have access to the details of the case such as the other driver’s insurance information.

An injured passenger thus may need to work in conjunction with the Uber driver and with Uber to obtain compensation for the damages caused by the accident. In most typical accidents, the situation is straightforward. In cases where a rideshare company is involved complicates matters and could muddy the waters. A victim could find it hard and frustrating to resolve these issues without legal assistance.

South Carolina Laws

South Carolina law requires personal injury claims to be filed within three years of the incident. An injured party must be able to prove that the driver was negligent and that injuries and other damages resulted from these negligent actions or lack of actions. The victim of an Uber accident in South Carolina likely needs some assistance in bringing a claim against a responsible party.

Those who were hurt as the result of an accident involving rideshare services may need help from an experienced attorney. Your lawyer will answer any questions you may have and will evaluate the incident to determine the best way to move forward. Many such cases are resolved through successful negotiations. If a legal case is required your attorney will gather information and documentation to prove your case to help, you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

You may need an experienced car accident attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact Dan Pruitt at (864) 280-7660 if you were involved in an Uber accident in Greenville County, SC