Watch out for Defective Toys this Holiday Season

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As the holiday season approaches, many people are buying toys, clothing, and other items for the children in their lives. However, one thing that most shoppers do not think about is whether or not what they are buying could end up causing injuries. Defective products are a regular occurrence in the US marketplace, and there have been many toys recalled this year alone. 

Popular toy recalls in 2019

USA Today reports that many recalls have been conducted this year, and one of them was associated with infant deaths. 

  • Target’s Bullseye Playground
    • Nearly 500,000 wooden toys sold by Target were recalled due to their wheels detaching and posing choking hazards. 
  • Go Couture children’s loungewear
    • Go Couture children’s sleepwear was recalled because it failed the federal flammability standard and posed a risk of burn injuries.
  • Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play sleepers
    • These sleepers were recalled after there were reports of more than 30 infant deaths caused by babies rolling over. 4.7 million units were recalled, and consumers were asked to immediately stop using the products. 
  • Power Wheels Barbie Campers
    • The camper was recalled because some of the units would continue to move after the foot pedal had been released. 

Toys were not the only items that were recalled. Many children’s medications and food items also faced scrutiny and recalls throughout the year. Parents and guardians must ensure that the items they let their children use and consume are safe. 

What makes products faulty?

There are three basic ways in which products become faulty:

  1. Design flaws that are not discovered when the product is being tested.
  2. Manufacturing errors that alter a product’s design, rendering the product harmful for consumers.
  3. Labeling issues that mislead consumers, including missing warnings, ingredients, side effects, and hazards as well as incorrect dosages or ingredient lists. 

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