Will South Carolina Be The Next State to Get a Drug Formulary?

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Map of South CarolinaIt was recently announced that California was the next state to pass a law allowing for a  workers’ compensation drug formulary. It is believed that South Carolina and other states will also pass legislation for a drug formulary in the near future.

What is a drug Formulary?

A drug formulary is a list that defines the scope and limits regarding the variability in prices for certain drugs used for workers’ compensation. For example, Washington, Oklahoma, Ohio and Texas have already created a uniform standard drug list for those who are injured because of work they performed within their states. They have all examples of the many benefits that are made available through drug formularies. In addition to the list of drugs that are available to a person, there is also a list of medications for which a person must receive pre-authorization. In these cases, these drugs are considered risky, which is why they must get pre-authorized.

Potential Benefits of Drug Formularies in South Carolina

Some have suggested that there would be substantial benefits for states if they were to implement laws allowing for drug formularies. When Texas first started their drug formulary program, within one year there was a 10 percent decrease in the number of people who were prescribed opioids. This treatment has been replaced with cleaner substances.  

Those who advocate for the formularies claim that in addition to helping keep workers safe, they also allow for a reduction in the amount of pharmacy costs in workers’ compensation systems. Formularies are also credited with providing patients with better treatment because the formularies provide the physicians with information of different drugs that are prescribed for different conditions. This will prevent a doctor from prescribing a particular drug that is not good for certain ailments.

A drug formulary in the state of South Carolina will create its own variation including types of treatment methods and guidelines as it relates to workers’ compensation. Many of the states have made it harder for doctors to just write a prescription without truly examining the person who is entitled to workers’ compensation. Many are hoping that this will lower the amount of people who become addicted to prescription drug. In addition, the program will most likely need to have some form of enhancement tool, and an expedited appeal process. This will allow people who truly feel they need to take a particular form of medication to receive a prescription for it.

Although a law has yet to be passed, those in South Carolina can be sure to hear about it throughout the coming year.

How Might a Workers’ Compensation Drug Formulary Affect You?

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