7 Essential Questions to Ask your Workers Compensation Lawyer

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questions to ask your workers compensation lawyer

The weekend promises the fun of shopping with friends, partying with family and traveling to unknown destinations. Yet in the blink of an eye, it’s Manic Monday again.

You start the work week with the memories experienced during your time off. But you’re secretly counting down to the upcoming weekend. Yet what happens when you’re going about your day and injury strikes?

Without warning, you could fall on slippery floors or get hit by a truck while driving a company car.

After you’ve reported the injuries the process of opening a workers compensation claim begins. But you shouldn’t go through this journey alone.

Hiring an attorney and having your injuries examined by a physician should be your next steps. But what are important questions to ask your workers compensation lawyer?

Follow along as we discuss what you need to know when hiring your attorney.

What is a Workers Compensation Lawyer

A workers compensation lawyer specializes in cases for people with a workers compensation claim. Workers compensation laws protect people injured or disabled while working. “The laws provide the injured workers with fixed monetary awards, in an attempt to eliminate the need for litigation”, according to the Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute. Yet not all cases are the same.

Should You Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you’ve never experienced a serious injury, resulting in disability, you may not know what to do. A workers compensation lawyer is experienced and knows the steps for securing a settlement. He will explain the necessary tasks from filing the claim to receiving your recovery. Plus if there’s anything unclear your workers compensation can help you understand.

Important Questions to Ask Your Workers Compensation Lawyer

When considering to hire an attorney you should take your time to find the right professional. Compose a list of questions to ask a workers comp lawyer. If you are unsure of what questions to ask then do some research online. Or speak with someone you know who went through the process of hiring an attorney.

Many questions will overlap regardless of what specialty the lawyer practices. While researching for questions start looking for workers compensation lawyers in your area. Using referrals from friends or family can be useful too. Once you’ve made a list of possible attorney’s reach out to their offices.

Do You Offer Free Consultations

One of the most important questions to ask a workers compensation lawyer is whether he offers a free consultation. Many attorneys do this as a courtesy to a potential client but it’s better to ask and not assume.

How Many Years Have You Practiced

Another vital question to ask an attorney is how long he has practiced as a workers compensation lawyer. Again every case is different as are the laws for each state. Yet if your claim is complicated it’s better to hire a seasoned attorney.

A workers compensation attorney with ten or more years of experience will know the tricks of the trade. He’ll be able to maneuver through the system and handle surprises thrown by the insurance companies and your employer.

What Fees Do I Pay

Everyone wants to know what they need to pay to receive service. For many people, the ability to secure legal representation hinges on whether they can afford it. Thankfully workers compensation lawyers usually use a contingency fee.

What is a Contingency Fee

A contingent fee arrangement is when “the lawyer agrees to accept a fixed percentage (often one third) of the recovery, which is the amount finally paid to the client,” according to the American Bar Association.

If the client case loses he or she doesn’t pay the attorney but if the case wins the lawyer’s fee gets deducted from the recovered wages. This type of arrangement protects the client from the burden of struggling to repay the money.

What is Your Success Record

Inquiring about an attorney’s success record is not a guarantee your case will win. But it shows he wins more than he loses. Workers compensation cases are riddled with laws, time restraints, and medical appointments. So hiring an attorney willing to put in the effort increases your chances for a successful outcome.

Do You Have Testimonials

If an attorney produces genuine testimonials for you to read then this is a good sign. People willing to give an account of their experience shows they appreciate the service they received. Yes, people can leave negative reviews too but always take those with a grain of salt. The reason a case loses may not be the attorney’s fault. Many factors go into a case.

Who Is In Charge of My Case

In order to avoid miscommunications or a negative client/attorney relationship discussing who will work on your case is crucial. Depending on the size of a law firm your case may go to an associate, partner, or paralegal. But you should review this information before signing a contract.

If any emergency happens who will you call? What if you need a loved one to attend your consultations but he or she works during regular business hours? Is your attorney able to meet later in the day?

Your workers compensation attorney should clarify anything you need to know. Yet not all the questions to ask a workers compensation lawyer get answered during your free consultation. Thus knowing you can reach him when you have follow-up concerns is important.

Seal the Deal

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