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  • The problem with brain injuries is that they aren’t always visible, but can still cause a multitude of different problems (physical, cognitive, social, and vocational changes that affect an individual)
  • Depending on the extent and location of the injury, impairments caused by a brain injury can vary widely
    • Among the most common impairments are difficulties with memory, mood, and concentration
    • Others include significant deficits in organizational and reasoning skills, learning, cognitive, and executive functions
  • Recovery from a brain injury can be inconsistent
  • Changes in memory and organizational skills after a brain injury makes it difficult to function in complex environments
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) results from damage to brain tissue by an external force
    • Leading causes include vehicle accidents, falls, electric shocks, and blows to the head
  • A concussion results from the brain being battered or shaken
  • After brain injury, things that were once easy to do become different and difficult
    • Intensive mental effort is usually required to do things that required little or no effort before brain injury
  • An estimated 5 million people in the US sustain head injuries every year
    • 2 million of those sustain head injuries that result in permanent impairments (though these might not even require a stay in the hospital)

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Have you or your loved one sustained a head or brain injury while you were on the job? At the Dan Pruitt Law Firm, we understand how difficult this time is for you and we want to make sure that you get the help you need. As many as 5 million people in the US alone get head injuries every year and 2 million of those people have injuries so severe that they impact the rest of their life.

Brain and head injuries, more than other types of injuries, can be very frustrating, because while you cannot see the damage that has been done on the outside, a multitude of problems have been caused inside. These types of injuries can reach far into a person’s everyday life, impacting cognitive and social functioning, even physically impacting them in other parts of their body. Memory, mood, and concentration are among the many things that can be impaired during a brain/head injury.

After you have had a brain injury, tasks that you used to be able to do easily, at work or otherwise, can now be much more difficult. If you sustained these injuries at work, you are entitled to benefits for workers’ compensation, but you might find yourself arguing with the insurance company over how much they should pay you. Many of these types of injuries don’t even require a hospital stay even though they will cause problems for the rest of your life. Recovery from a brain injury can be trying to everyone, and the changes in your body can cause you not to be able to work.

We want to help you fight for the compensation you deserve because we know that you deserve all of the necessary medical treatment for your injury. At the Dan Pruitt Law Firm we handle cases like these everyday and would love to help you during your time of need. Call 8642324273 for a free consultation today!

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