How To Prevent Common Workplace Injuries: 3 Elements To Know

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The top causes of workplace injuries include overexertion, slip, trips, falls, and contact equipment and objects account for about 84% of injuries requiring time off work. When creating a workplace safety program that will help minimize the risk of work-connected injuries, employers must know about these three vital elements:

1. Reducing Workplace Hazards

Identifying and knowing about potential hazards and dangerous practices, infrastructure, and equipment will not suffice. After identifying all the hazards, employers must control or eradicate them by implementing new safety measures, repairing or replacing equipment, and/or modifying workplace operations.

2. Implementing Effective Training

Employers must be trained about hazard identification and workplace safety. Ideally, employers should include training during employee onboarding and also offer refresher safety training to all employees. On top of safety training, employers can likewise consider giving employees first-aid training so that everyone in the workplace will know how to respond to accidents and injuries effectively.

3. Engaging Employees and Management

Everyone should be responsible for workplace safety because collaboration between employees and management is key to successful workplace safety programs. Employers should also assign specific managers and employees with the implementation and maintenance of the workplace safety program.

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Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Does my employer provide workers’ comp insurance?

Most employers are required under law to provide workers’ comp benefits. You can also check online to determine whether your employer carries workers’ comp insurance.

Will workers’ compensation cover my injury?

Yes, if you got injured or sick while at work or in and out of the course of your employment. This also means that an injury that you would’ve sustained even if you were not working will NOT be covered.

Do I need a workers’ compensation lawyer for my claim?

If you suffered injuries that are not clearly connected to your work, need extensive medical treatment, have resulted in permanent disability, and/or keep you from working, talk to a South Carolina workers’ comp lawyer to learn about your legal options.

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