SC Lawmakers Could Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving

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Lawmakers in this state have had enough of drivers using their cell phones while driving. At least, that may be the case. The SC Legislature is back in session, and they are considering making changes to state law that could affect how you use your phone while driving

What are the proposed changes?

South Carolina lawmakers seem to be borrowing from our neighboring state of Georgia. They passed a law in 2018 that prohibits drivers from holding a phone at all, even if they are making a call. The proposed bill in SC, which is in front of the Senate Transportation Subcommittee, would do the same. 

This would mean that drivers can only talk on a cell phone while driving if they use it completely hands-free. They could not touch the screen for any reason. 

Texting and driving is already off-limits

SC law already makes texting and driving illegal. However, law enforcement officials in the state say that the $25 fine is not enough of a deterrent to keep drivers from using their phones behind the wheel. They also say the law is virtually unenforceable because drivers can say they were just using the phone’s GPS or trying to make a call – both of which are legal under the current law. 

The new law change, if passed as written, would clear up any ambiguity about whether holding the phone is illegal. It would also slap drivers with a stiffer penalty. The proposed changes would see drivers fined up to $150 for a first offense and up to $400 for a second offense. Drivers would also be penalized two points on their license for a first offense and four points for a second offense. 

Distracted driving is dangerous

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