Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

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Most drivers experience some annoyance if they try to change lanes, only to find a vehicle blocking the way, totally oblivious the incessant blinker hoping for an opening in time to make the upcoming exit ramp.  And who hasn’t been somewhat aggravated when trying to leave a parking lot after a sporting event or concert, only to find other drivers unfamiliar with the concept of taking turns?  These are common, understandable emotions that, for most of us, never go anywhere.  Unfortunately, that is not the case for every driver on the road.

Road Rage:  What is it? 

All kinds of behavior constitute road rage, and most of them have the potential to ignite fury in other drivers.  While some actions could be classified as merely impolite, others are downright dangerous!  What’s behind all the hostility on the road?  While some of it is just the result of the normal wear and tear of life, there are definitely more intricate psychological disturbances behind much of the behavior:

  • Narcissism;
  • Problems with dominance issues;
  • Low levels of emotional intelligence;
  • Anger-management issues;
  • Control issues; and
  • The need to punish perceived wrongdoers.

Impolite Driving

We’ve all seen it: drivers who let us know of their displeasure by sharing unfriendly hand gestures, puffy faces and thick-veined comments, and that ever-present driver who lays on the horn to express irritation. (Thank goodness we can’t hear all the things angry drivers scream sometimes!)

Aggressive Driving 

More dangerous than the anger confined to the cabin of a distant vehicle are the aggressive moves some drivers execute in order to “get even” with drivers who have earned their contempt:

  • Rapidly weaving in and out of lanes, usually with no signals;
  • Passing closely, allowing little room for errors;
  • Tailgating;
  • Flashing high beams while following closely in order to intimidate;
  • Pulling over to duke it out;
  • Displaying weapons.


Still other drivers tend to be oblivious to other drivers on the road, exhibiting irresponsibility that puts others at risk.  Examples include:

  • Racing;
  • Inebriated driving; and
  • Distracted driving.

Results of Reckless Driving or Road Rage 

The legal consequences of unsafe driving can include tickets, the revocation of a driver’s license, higher insurance premiums, and even arrests.  But the most serious result of this type of behavior on the road can be avoidable injuries and fatalities.  Studies indicate that road rage is the number one cause of crashes.  Beyond the actual collision, additional issues related to violence are quite stunning:

  • Firearms are brandished in about 30 percent of road rage incidents;
  • In a seven-year span, more than 200 murders related to road rage have occurred in this country.

Following Injury

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