Construction Workers Face Serious Injury Risk Daily

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To Provide for themselves and their families, South Carolina construction workers face some of the more serious and severe injuries every workday

Almost everywhere a construction worker in South Carolina turns while working, there lurks the potential for them to suffer severe injury and perhaps even be tragically killed. Construction sites are filled with hazards and/or hazardous conditions that are likely to cause a worker to suffer some sort of severe or fatal injury.

However, though they consistently work in an all but perpetually hazardous condition and risk workers comp lawyer for construction accidents in greenville scsuffering a serious – even fatal – injury, construction workers throughout Greenville, South Carolina brave these extraordinarily dangerous conditions in order to provide for their families.

Because of his having over 21 years of experience in representing constructions workers who have suffered serious injury while on the job, the Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm of Greenville, South Carolina truly understands the types of serious injuries resulting from accidents occurring on construction sites.

Construction site accidents can often result in some of the most serious, permanent, and physically debilitating injuries imaginable. Any accident at a construction site can be fatal to the worker or workers involved.

Any Construction Accident is a Serious Construction Accident

There are no minor construction accidents. Any accident, which occurs throughout a construction site, can be an extremely serious accident. Each day, construction workers can easily find themselves victim to extremely serious accidents and could suffer injuries so severe it could take several weeks, months or even years of extensive medical treatment, surgical procedures and rehabilitation before they may return to work. Unfortunately, some suffer injuries so severe they sadly do not survive them.

The Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm knows and understands the types of accidents construction workers throughout Greenville, South Carolina risk being victim to daily.

  • Electrocution
  • Fires & Explosions
  • Chemical Burns 
  • Slip & Falls
  • Being struck by support vehicles (cranes, forklifts, delivery trucks, etc.)
  • Falling objects 
  • Building collapse
  • Hoist/Crane accidents
  • Scaffolding (collapse/falling)
  • Loss of finger/hand/arm due to saw blade accidents
  • Welding (severe eye injuries, burns, etc.)
  • Nail Gun Injury

Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm also understands how many of these accidents and the serious injuries they cause are often the result of circumstances behind the control of the construction worker themselves. So if you, or perhaps someone you may know, has been involved in a construction site accident in Greenville, South Carolina, and as a result suffered serious, severe or a catastrophic construction injury, call or come by the Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm and let us see how we can help.

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