When Workers’ Compensation Isn’t Exactly Compensating Workers

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A Lot of Things – Bills – can happen between a Worker’s Injury and Their Finally Receiving Benefits 

Under the Workers’ Compensation Act in South Carolina, you and your family have a right to receive benefits if you were to be injured or unfortunately killed while on the job. However, in the event the benefits you and your family are owed were to add up to and/or could result in a substantial sum of money, some employers might find it cheaper to just deny the claim and pay their attorneys to defend their actions.

The employer can essentially hunt for a viable reason to deny the employee their workers’ greenville workers compensation lawyercompensation benefits. They (the employer) will scour over every detail in an attempt to locate a mistake the employee made when filing their claim. Perhaps there was a procedure the worker failed to follow that resulted in their injury or, if the employer is fortunate, maybe even a failed drug screen, which is often just enough to convince the injured worker or their family to drop the workers’ compensation claim.

While this may seem as though an awful and unfair way to treat an injured worker and their family, to the employers it can sometime seem like good business and a creative way to save money. If they deny the claim and the injured worker and/or family are unaware of their rights and choose not to speak an experienced attorney regarding his or her options, the employer is off the hook entirely and simply needs only to hire someone to replace the worker who was injured.

If the worker or family speaks with an attorney and the attorney begins the process of recovering benefits owed to them, the employer might still decide to continue denying the benefits and the process can become bogged down. While the employer and attorneys for both sides haggle over the workers’ compensation benefits and the legitimacy of their denial, the injured employee and their family can quickly begin to struggle financially.

While Employers Stall Workers’ Comp Benefits, Workers try to Stall the Monthly Bills Pilling up

While easy for an employer to have their attorney schedule/reschedule meetings, depositions and other appointments relating to the workers’ compensation case, the injured worker and their family find a much harder go at trying to reschedule having their electricity cut off or when they can afford to buy groceries.

It is often difficult to convince the utility companies to “wait an additional month” or ask a grocery to store to allow you to have groceries now and pay them later. While the employers might have little worry other than their fighting the workers’ compensation denial, the worker and their family are left with perpetual worry.

Quick Action and Knowing Your Rights can Force Employer’s to Honor Your Workers’ Compensation Claims in South Carolina

The whole key to ensuring employers have little or no viable reason to deny your workers’ compensation claim is knowing your rights and/or allowing your attorney to assist you as quickly as possible! There are critically important things you can do to ensure your right to receive workers’ comp benefits are protected.

  1. Report the injury to your supervisor immediately!
  2. Seek medical attention for your injury then! Do Not Wait, Procrastinate, or Hesitate!
  3. Go to the hospital, clinic, and/or physicians YOUR EMPLOYER tells you too!
  5. File your workers’ compensation claim on time!
  6. If unfamiliar with how to file a workers’ compensation properly, unaware, or simply unsure as to how to file the claim appropriately, correctly and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Workers’ Compensation Act of South Carolina, seek the advice of an experienced attorney who can help you!

If you or someone you know has been injured while on the job in or around Greenville, South Carolina, and have been denied workers’ compensation benefits – regardless of the reason! – time is of critical importance! The Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm can often help, but you must act fast to ensure you and your family’s rights to these benefits remain protected!

It is possible that Greenville SC Workers Compensation Lawyer Dan Pruitt can help recover benefits for you and your family regardless of why you have been denied! So call or come by the offices of the Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm today and let Dan get the ball rolling on recovering the workers’ compensation benefits you and your family deserve!

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