From A Workers’ Compensation Claim to an Automobile Accident, How Much Will it Cost to Have You Represent Me?

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From A Workers’ Compensation Claim to an Automobile Accident, How Much Will it Cost to Have You Represent Me?

You were recently injured at work and now your employer is dragging their feet on getting your claim filed. Bills are piling up and the doctor won’t even discuss releasing you to go back to work. What should your next step be?

Or you’ve been in an auto accident and the amount of money you’ve had to pay out of pocket for things like medical co-pays, prescriptions and depending on the coverage of the person who hit you, perhaps even the cost of a rental car while yours is being repaired are astronomical. Now there is an impasse in negotiations with the insurance adjuster for the other party and you’re out of money.

In both scenarios your next move should be to call 864-232-4273 and speak with an experienced legal professional at the Dan Pruitt Law Firm. There is no charge for your first appointment and once we have a clear understanding of your case if we believe we can assist you, we will agree to handle your case with no upfront fees required.  Many other attorneys charge both a fee for your initial consultation as well as a hefty retainer when they agree to represent you. We understand during these trying times finances are tight and the costs involved in pursuing a case often can be expensive. That is why we don’t expect you to shoulder this financial burden alone.

The physical, emotional and financial strain of a debilitating car accident or an on the job injury can often leave an individual confused and vulnerable and in no frame of mind to deal with pursuing resolution without competent and caring legal counsel. The Dan Pruitt Law Firm handles all the costs involved with your case. You don’t have to worry about coming up with the funds necessary to pay for accident reconstruction, special investigators, medical experts and those always expensive court costs. All these costs will be paid by us and then we are reimbursed when the case is settled. Generally known as a “contingency fee” case, you don’t pay anything up front and we only get paid if a favorable settlement or winning verdict is achieved.

For over 20 years the Dan Pruitt Law Firm has been winning cases in and around the Upstate for clients injured in automobile accidents, social security disability cases, nursing home and assisted living abuse and neglect and for employees who have been injured on the job, as well as wrongful death cases. If you or your injured family member is unable to come to our office, we will make arrangements to come to you. We understand this is often a very trying time and want to do everything we can to help you through it.

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