Summertime is Trauma Time for Auto Accidents

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Two attractive young women in a convertible carIn May 2010 the South Carolina Highway Patrol in conjunction with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and local law enforcement announced the creation of a new safety campaign targeting the 100 deadly days of summer. The overall campaign was such a success it has continued every summer since.

Much research has been done on why automobile accidents increase when the weather heats up with more drivers on the road coming in at number one. This explanation makes sense considering summertime is vacation time with folks visiting relatives, heading to the beach, mountains and amusement parks along with the extra traffic generated by Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Then going hand-in-hand with more drivers are more inexperienced drivers. Teenagers are out of school and while they may have passed their drivers’ test, they are still overwhelming inexperienced and many times, simply careless in their actions. Which leads into the next cause of summertime vehicle accidents and the number one cause of auto accidents for teens: distracted driving. A 2012 study, Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Drivers, released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety determined the use of electronic devices while driving was the main cause of motor vehicle accidents among teenage drivers. Talking and texting on cell phones was the primary distraction with eating, drinking, reading and interacting with passengers, other key diversions.

When the weather is warm and the streets dry speeding becomes a problem. In fact, speeding is the third cause of increased automobile accidents. People are in a hurry to start their vacation, wintertime road conditions such as snow and ice aren’t present and after a long depressing winter, it’s just human nature to want to roll down the windows, crank up the radio and get out on the open road. But unfortunately, people get a bit careless and don’t always obey posted speed limits.

While there is nothing wrong with having a beer when relaxing with friends around the pool or during a backyard cookout, if that person is driving and gets behind the wheel while under the influence, the chances of a motor vehicle accident occurring rises exponentially. Throughout the year South Carolina promotes different safety campaigns to educate against the dangers of driving while drunk; but sadly South Carolina is still number three in the nation when it comes to drunk driving fatalities as reported by 24/7 Wall Street.

The temps are in the 90’s with humidity to match, the traffic is bumper-to-bumper, your car’s temperature gauge is heading into the red zone and some jerk just cut you off. No matter how impatient and frustrated you are, it’s important to remain calm. Aggressive driving, while often not listed in traditional automobile accident lists, can be a cause of deadly accidents, especially during the summer. Many of these drivers will use their vehicles to intimidate other drivers or depending on traffic conditions, may even get out of their cars and physically assault the other driver. It is important to not only keep your anger in check but to always practice defensive driving and stay on the lookout for any other driver who is operating their vehicle erratically or aggressively.

Of course, while there are many other reasons automobile accidents occur; the end result is almost always devastating. From permanent injuries and loss of income if unable to work to emotional and mental trauma, not to mention the inconvenience even a simple fender bender can bring, it is important to always keep the contact information for Dan Pruitt Law Firm handy. Please connect with us online for a free case evaluation or by calling 864-232-4273.

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