The Overwhelming Cost of an Auto Accident

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Since 1993, Auto Accident Attorney Dan Pruitt has been helping victims and families in and around the Greenville, South Carolina area whose lives have been forever altered by an accident that result in the victim suffering an extreme injury. There are few types of accidents that cause the types of serious, severe, or even catastrophic injuries that are far too often suffered by the greenville sc car accident lawyervictims of an auto accident.

Because of his having over 21 years of experience in the handling of some of the more seriously severe injury cases, Dan Pruitt has witnessed firsthand the devastating effects auto accidents have upon the victims and their immediate families. In a matter of seconds, the lives of an entire family can suddenly be turned upside down and the picture-perfect future they had envisioned is almost instantly and irrevocably edited by the shocking reality of an auto accident.

From the moment of impact, an auto accident causes a ripple effect throughout the lives of all those involved. We too easily often overlook the fact that the term “accident victim” refers to someone’s husband or wife, someone’s mother or father, someone’s son or daughter, a brother or a sister, and a dear friend to many.

Long after the accident has taken place, the victims have been removed and transported to the local area hospital, automobiles involved carted off on tow trucks and the road cleared, life for everyone else continues on as normal. However, for those involved in the auto accident and their families, “normal” has now been dramatically altered and turmoil and struggle have only just begun.

While Victims and their Families Suffer the Emotional Impact, their Financial Suffering Continues Hitting Hard

Often, the injuries sustained in an auto accident are so serious and severe they require extensive medical treatment. Ambulance transportation, emergency room treatment, specialized medical and/or surgical procedures and the hospital stay are extraordinarily expensive. Within days of the accident taking place, the victims and their families are not only trying desperately to cope with its immediate emotional impact but have now already began to experience the overwhelming financial burdens as well.

Because of the severity of their injuries, victims will require a long recovery period that will often include additional medical treatment, visits to their family doctor as well as specialist, rehabilitation and numerous pharmacy visits. While the medical expenses continue piling up on the victim and family, their daily lives and routine household expenses are suffering because of their inability to earn an income while recovering.

These families desperately need assistance. However, rarely do insurance companies offer any. Instead, insurance companies focus on how they can avoid paying an auto accident victim and their family anything. In fact, the insurance companies typically leave the victims and their families little option but to seek the assistance of an experienced injury attorney to help them. As a result, auto accident cases can often be some of the more heavily defended and aggressively litigated cases throughout all the legal system.

Greenville, South Carolina’s Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm has been fighting to help victims of serious injuries and their families for over 21 years. Dan Pruitt knows and understands how desperately auto accident victims need financial support and compensation from the insurance companies and is in no way afraid to defend his clients with the most vehement and aggressive litigation he can possibly offer.

If you or a loved one has been victim to an auto accident in and around the Greenville, South Carolina area and as a result, suffered serious or severe injury, call or come by the offices of the Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm and let Dan Pruitt ensure that you and your family receive the type of legal assistance an over 21 year veteran of auto accident injury litigation can offer.

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