How Much Money Can You Get From A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

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If a loved one was killed due to another person’s negligent acts, you have all the right to seek compensation for the loss of your loved one. The deceased’s spouses, children, and/or parents can recover damages in a wrongful death claim. In South Carolina, the deceased individual’s estate executor or administrator can file the wrongful death action. Any compensation will be distributed to the decedent’s family members or heirs.

Every wrongful death case will be different from one case to another, which means that the amount of money plaintiffs can recover for their losses will differ significantly. Generally speaking, however, the court will consider the following factors when awarding compensation for wrongful death claims:

  • The pain your loved one felt before dying
  • Any costs incurred due to the accident and death, including any medical expenses and burial and funeral expenses
  • Economic losses you and your family suffered due to your loved one’s death
  • Non-economic losses you and your family sustained due to the death
  • Whether exemplary or punitive damages should be awarded

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Wrongful Death Claim FAQ

Who can file a wrongful death claim?

In South Carolina, only the decedent’s administrators or executors, which are usually the decedent’s family members or heirs, can file wrongful death actions. If the decedent’s estate plan didn’t name an administrator or executor, the court would assign one.

Who can receive wrongful death compensation?

Compensation for wrongful death claims in South Carolina will be given to the decedent’s spouse and/or children, parents, or the decedent’s heirs.

Do I need an attorney to file a wrongful death claim?

Yes. The rules regarding wrongful death actions can be complex, so you need a lawyer with ample experience with wrongful death cases to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

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