Vehicle Accidents in the Driveway

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There are many reasons for automobile accidents, and they can happen anywhere.  Unfortunately, many people do not realize just how close to home these accidents can occur.  Driveway accidents are unfortunately very serious and occur more often than most people realize.  Young children are the victims of these events more often than not. If your child has been harmed in a driveway accident due to another driver’s negligence or recklessness, perhaps a local personal injury attorney can address some of the salient issues at hand.

Did You Know…

Because children are generally more focused on play than on potential dangers, it is incumbent upon adults to be particularly cautious on behalf of the youngsters who may be in the area.  There are a number of tips provided by that responsible drivers should consider:

  • Before backing out of a driveway, carefully survey the area for children on or near your driveway;
  • Take a few seconds to walk around your vehicle before moving;
  • Try to make eye contact with children in the immediate vicinity before backing up, then proceed with caution; and
  • Roll down your window to allow yourself to hear warnings or children at play.

Teach Children

If you are a parent, training children about driveway safety is essential.  They should understand that not every driver is alert or focused on the possibility of their presence, and playing, bicycling, or walking past or near all kinds of driveways requires particular caution.  They should know:

  • A parked vehicle may move at any time;
  • Drivers may not notice their presence; and
  • Many people back out of their driveways without considering the possibility of someone on the sidewalk near their home.

Accident Statistics

Devastating driveway accidents occur with alarming frequency in this country, leading to thousands of injuries and fatalities.

  • Roughly 50 children are victims of back-over accidents every week, resulting in 48 hospitalizations and two deaths;
  • About 25 percent of accidents involve children moving toward the vehicle from either side;
  • Another quarter of incidents occur when children are behind the vehicle prior to the vehicle moving; and
  • Although heat stroke is highly reported as a cause of death for children left in hot vehicles, over 65 percent of child deaths associated with vehicles (outside of vehicle collisions) occur in driveway roll-over accidents, with half of those fatalities resulting from vehicles backing up and a half from forward-moving ones.

Dealing with Tragedy

If your little one has been seriously harmed in a negligent driveway accident, you are no doubt overcome with worry, frustration, devastation, and a whole range of emotions. At Dan Pruitt Injury Law Firm in Greenville, we understand your pain, and we know precisely the steps to take to address the legal and financial issues before you.  Schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss the particulars of your situation today.

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